Electronic Music Foundation
joins many organizations in collaboration with
IRCAM, NYU and Columbia University
in presenting

Paris-New York

      Improvisation &

      May 16—18

A gathering of researchers and artists dedicated to the exploration of the links between musical improvisation and digital technologies.

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Friday, May 18, 8pm
Closing concert

Columbia University Prentis Hall
Computer Music Center
632 West 125th Street 3rd Floor

Please note: You are invited to attend any or all of these sessions as our guest. But since space is limited, please let us know that you are planning to attend by sending an email to events[at]emf.org. Let us know when you expect to come and how many people you'll be.

Sandeep Bhagwati
Native alien

for solo musician and immersive comprovisation environment, performed by Lori Freedman, clarinet; Navid Navab, computer; and Julian Stein, interactive score.

Les Emeudroïdes with NY Guests
Clément Canonne, Roméo Monteiro & Joris Rühl, EMUPO interactive system; with NY guests Sean Ali, bass; Jérémy Bruyère, bass; Carlo Costa, percussion; and Joe Hertenstein, percussion. Les Emeudroïdes is an impro-oriented band founded in 2002, by Clément Canonne. Emupo is their latest project: a mix between computer music (produced by a collective software interface) and instrumental improvisation.

Denis Beuret
Denis Beuret is one of the most innovative Swiss composers and trombone players. He plays augmented bass trombone and live electronic with a huge sound palette.


Taylor Brook
Stuart Lake

Performed by Craig Peterson, trumpet. Stuart Lake was written during the summer and fall of 2008 and further developed in recent months. In my early twenties, I spent several summers based in Fort St. James, British Columbia, near Stuart Lake. This work is a metaphor for the lake, which is vast, clean, cold, and is dotted by many small islands. In the music, the islands are represented by short mobile miniatures (their order and timing is decided by the soloist), while the lake is represented by a continuous backdrop of rich harmonic movement, played by the electronics. While performing Stuart Lake, the soloist improvises along guidelines which range from exact musical notation to completely free improvisation. The structure of Stuart Lake is predetermined, but the particular form of any performance will be newly invented by the soloist.

OMax Company
Benjamin Lévy, OMax interactive system; Nine Spirit: Raphael Imbert, saxophone; Simon Sieger, trombone; Sylvain Roux, flutes & fifres; Laurent Mariusse, percussion; Brice Martin, bassoon. OMax is a software environment which learns in real-time typical features of a musician's style and plays along with him interactively, giving the flavor of a machine co-improvisation.

Doug Geers / Maja Cerar
In 2009, Maja Cerar and Douglas Geers collaborated with writer/director Mirjam Neidhardt to produce Inanna: Euphrates Survival Song, a ninety-minute multimedia theater work that featured prominent use of music through nearly its entirety. For ImproTech 2012, Cerar and Geers have selected a small number of moments from Inanna to improvise upon and trace new pathways among, extemporaneously reflecting on the dramatic context of the original work and memories of its creation while also defining new meanings for the immediate present.

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