Electronic Music Foundation
joins many organizations in collaboration with
IRCAM, NYU and Columbia University
in presenting

Paris-New York

      Improvisation &

      May 16—18

A gathering of researchers and artists dedicated to the exploration of the links between musical improvisation and digital technologies.

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Wednesday, May 16, 8:30pm
Opening concert

Corner 3rd Avenue and Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn

General admission $10

      Roscoe Mitchell, saxophone; David Wessel, touch controller & computer

Robert Rowe
Cigar Smoke (2004)
, for clarinet & electronics
      Esther Lamneck, clarinet

George Lewis
Interactive Trio (2007)
, for trombone, two pianos and interactive music system
      George Lewis, trombone; Geri Allen, piano

Georges Bloch
Duck Laughs (world premiere) preceded by Elliott Carter's Canaries

      Laurent Mariusse, projections & percussion; Georges Bloch, interactive electronics

Raphael Imbert
OMax at Lomax

      Nine Spirit Company: Raphael Imbert, sax; Simon Sieger, piano & trombone;
      Benjamin Lévy, electronics; Thomas Weirich, guitar

      Bernard Lubat, piano; Gerard Assayag, electronics

      Steve Lehman, sax, electronics; Mari Kimura, violin, electronics; Vijay Iyer, piano

Jean-Baptiste Barrière
Crossing the Blind Forest (2011)
, for flute, electronics and video
      Margaret Lancaster, flute

      Steve Coleman, saxophone; Gilbert Nouno, electronics

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