Scott Deal, Joan La Barbara, Matthew Burtner take a bow after the premiere performance of Auksalaq

Ear to the Earth 2010

This event is produced by
Electronic Music Foundation
in collaboration with
NYU Interactive Arts

David Monacchi
Stati d'Acqua

Matthew Burtner
Scott Deal

Sunday, October 31, 5pm
Frederick Loewe Theater, NYU
35 West 4th Street

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David Monacchi
Stati d'Acqua / States of Water
    Fixed media

David Monacchi: Stati d'Acqua (excerpt)

Matthew Burtner & Scott Deal
    For ecoacoustic ensemble and live interactive video

Opening to Auksalaq: Joan La Barbara

Excerpt from Auksalaq


David Monacchi
Composer, sound artist, researcher in acoustic bio-diversity, David Monacchi records sonic environments throughout the world to create documentaries, installations and compositions for festivals and museums. His music is performed in Europe and North America. His honors include Locarno Film Festival, Bourges, Russolo-Pratella competitions, Erato-Farnesina and Fulbright fellowships.

Matthew Burtner
Matthew Burtner is an Alaskan composer and sound artist. His ecoacoustic concert music and interactive media combines acoustic instruments and new technologies with video, dance or theatre. First prize winner of the Musica Nova International Electroacoustic Music Competition, his honors include Bourges, Gaudeamus, Darmstadt, Prix d’Ete, Meet the Composer, and Luigi Russolo competitions.

Scott Deal
Scott Deal has premiered solo, chamber and mixed media works, and can be heard on the Albany, Centaur, Cold Blue and SCI labels. His recent recording of the music of John Luther Adams has been described as “a soaring, shimmering exploration of texture and tone” (Musicworks). Deal is the founder of the Telematic Collective, an internet performance group comprised of artists and computer specialists.

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David Monacchi writes: "Stati d'Acqua was inspired by water’s constant physical transformations by which water's element gives rise to every life form. The field recordings, carried out with multiple microphone techniques along the entire course of the Tiber River, explore motion, stagnation, evaporation, condensation and falling. Water produces an infinite variety of sounds throughout the full range of audible frequencies, sometimes creating the perfect white noise, and sometimes generating pitched tones. Carefully observing and analyzing the microcosm of tones in the recordings of springs suggested me to organize the water sound's complexity into a resonant 'just intonation' system. The work is a tribute to water, also as a symbol and metaphor for the various states of mind and emotion."

Monacchi in a state of recording

In Excerpts from Auksalaq, Matthew Burtner’s music for ecoacoustic ensemble (Iceprints, Windprints, and Cloudprints) will be performed with interactive video by Scott Deal, Jordan Munson and Margaret Dolinsky. An audience-interactive mobile computer system will allow the audience to participate in the performance in real time.

The music expresses interlocking environmental forces as eco-musical forms, expressing the profound changes in the Arctic Ocean as a result of human activity. The interactive video mixes interviews, field video recordings, and news broadcasts into a multifaceted stream expressing the complex environmental and cultural implications of these changes.

Image from Burtner's Windprints

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