Field recording on the lightship Frying Pan

Ear to the Earth 2010

Produced by
Electronic Music Foundation

New York Soundscape

Sound Ecology

Saturday, October 30 - Monday, November 1
White Box
329 Broom Street

In the summer of 2010, Electronic Music Foundation collaborated with RECYouth, an educational program hosted by the New York City Parks Department. The program is aimed at helping teenagers develop skills in working creatively with media.

Our goal, in the context of Ear to the Earth, was to help students create media artworks — movies, still photographs, animations, and music — that address issues of water in and around New York City. Working together, EMF and RECYouth created a curriculum that included acoustic ecology, field recording, building hydrophones, and using creative software. To help the students gather material and learn about the issues, we organized visits to the River Project, Solar One, and the Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant.

The works the students produced were on exhibit at White Box as part of New York Soundscape. The video below summarizes what they did.

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Avery Williams
Pollution in The Hudson River

Emily Ma-Luongo
Dirty in the Deep Blue Sea

Justice Hunter, in collaboration with Nicholas Pape

Michael Mendoza
El Matador (The Killer)

Paris West
Hydro F: NYC and Natural Gas

Melissa Murray
The World is Ours

                                                  Sound Ecology Preview by RECYouth