Ear to the Earth 2010

Produced by
Electronic Music Foundation

New York Soundscape

Paula Matthusen
Miguel Frasconi
Jennifer Stock
Aleksei Stevens

Saturday, October 30, 8pm
White Box
329 Broome Street

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Paula Matthusen
   Fixed media sound performance for resonant frequencies

Navigable (excerpt)

Miguel Frasconi
Inside/Out: A Water Meditation
   Performance with invented instruments

Inside/Out (excerpt)

Jennifer Stock
At Water's Edge
    An audio/visual presentation of Brooklyn's waterfront

At Water's Edge (excerpt)

Aleksei Stevens
Standing Water: Sound Map of the Gowanus Canal, 2010
    Performance with field recordings
    Eleonore Oppenheim, double bass

Standing Water (excerpt)



Paula Matthusen
Composer and sound artist Paula Matthusen creates electronic and acoustic music and installations. She has written for diverse instrumentations, such as run-on sentence of the pavement for piano, ping-pong balls, and electronics.  Her work has been featured at numerous venues and festivals, including Roulette Intermedium, Merkin Concert Hall, Sonic Arts Research Center, Tanglewood Festival, and SEAMUS.

Miguel Frasconi
Miguel Frasconi uses glass objects, eletronics, and "de-evolved" instruments to create music from a uniquely imagined tradition. His glass instruments are struck, blown, stroked and coaxed into vibration. Miguel has worked closely with composers John Cage, Jon Hassell, James Tenney, Morton Subotnick, and dance pioneer Anna Halprin.  He was a founding member of the new music ensemble The Glass Orchestra.

Aleksei Stevens
The work of Brooklyn-based composer, sound artist, and laptop performer Aleksei Stevens incorporates traditional instruments with found sound and interactive computer music. He has performed in the US and abroad, and presented work in festivals including Make Music NY (NYC), Source (Washington, DC), and Tevereterno (Rome). In 2008, he received a MacDowell colony fellowship.

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In Navigable, Paula Matthusen presents a theme and variations based on the resonant frequencies of the Atlantic Avenue Tunnel – a space not only renowned for its significance in the development of subways, but also as a site of cultural intrigue.

Matthusen in performance

Miguel Frasconi’s INSIDE/OUT: A Water Meditation transforms information on NYC water consumption, and the journey taken from its source to its destination, into a score to be performed on invented instruments inspired by water as a physical material.

Frasconi in performance

Jennifer Stock’s At Water's Edge compiles footage and sounds from the liminal points on Brooklyn's waterfront, capturing and abstracting the water/horizon line and the assemblage of rock, light, water, air, and detritus on the shore line.

Stock in performance

Aleksei Stevens made recordings of the Gowanus Canal in order to isolate its sounds from the highly visible evidence of its pollution. The resulting recordings were devoid not only of the typical sounds of wildlife (save the odd gull), or those of ships and docks, but indeed of the very sounds of water itself. Standing Water: Sound Map of the Gowanus Canal, 2010 captures the world of water that does not lap, flow, babble or splash, but simply sits -- amidst both the cacophonous trains, trucks, and heavy machinery of the daytime, and the eerie silence of the night.

Stevens in performance

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