Annea Lockwood on the job

Ear to the Earth 2010

Produced by
Electronic Music Foundation

Annea Lockwood
A Sound Map of the Housatonic River

Thursday, Oct 28—Monday, Nov 1, 1—7pm
Kleio Projects
153-1/2 Stanton Street

Listeners drifted in and out during the days of the festival, usually staying an hour or so. It was such a pleasant experience, and the sounds so beautiful, that at the request of the gallery, this installation was kept open for about a week following the festival.

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Annea Lockwood
A Sound Map of the Housatonic
   Sound installation based on the Housatonic River



Annea Lockwood
Known for her explorations of the rich world of natural sounds and environments, Annea Lockwood's work ranges from sound art, installations, and concert music, to text-sound and performance art. Her work has been widely presented in venues and festivals including: MACBA Barcelona, De Ijsbreker, the Other Minds Festival-San Francisco, the Walker Art Center, the Whitney Museum, and Sonic Acts XIII.

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Annea Lockwood's A Sound Map of the Housatonic River traces the course of the Housatonic River from its sources in the Berkshire mountains, to the river’s mouth at Milford, Long Island Sound.

Building on the approaches used in A Sound Map of the Hudson River and A Sound Map of the Danube, sound recordings were made underwater, at the surface, and along the riverbanks at multiple sites. The resulting recordings reveal the energy flow of the river, allowing visitors to hear and experience the friction between current and riverbank, and current and riverbed.  

A map of the river shows the location of each recorded site, the date and time of day of each recording, and the time at which it can be heard. A time display allows visitors to coordinate the map and the audio.

A Sound Map of the Housatonic River was commissioned by the Housatonic River Museum, a project in development in Berkshire County, Massachsetts, dedicated to issues concerning the river and its environment.

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