Bernie Krause at Saint Vincent's beach, Florida

Ear to the Earth 2010

Produced by
Electronic Music Foundation

Bernie Krause
Fish Rap

Yolande Harris
Fishing for Sound

Thursday, October 28, 8pm
Greenwich House Music School
46 Barrow Street

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Bernie Krause
Fish Rap: The Life-Affirming Soundscapes of Water
   A talk on the history of human music

"In the anatomy of a soundscape ..." (21 minutes)

"I want to play some of the rainforest sounds ..." (31 minutes)

Yolande Harris
Fishing for Sound
    Performance with underwater field recordings and sonified data

A few introductory words

Sailing (excerpt)

Swimming (excerpt)

Fishing for Sound (excerpt)



Bernie Krause
Since 1968, Bernie Krause has travelled the world, recording and archiving the sounds of creatures and environments large and small. He has produced 55 CDs and creates interactive environmental sound sculptures for public spaces worldwide.  He is currently engaged in writing a book titled The Great Animal Orchestra:  Finding the Origins of Music in the World’s Wild Places.

Yolande Harris
Amsterdam-based composer/sound artist Yolande Harris works with sound and image in environment and architectural space. She has presented her work internationally, at MACBA, Schirn Kunsthalle, ISEA, Sonic Acts, and Transmediale, and she has received fellowships at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne, Jan van Eyck Academy, and Netherlands Media Art Institute.

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Every stream, ocean, lake, beach, marsh, fen, and pool on earth has its own resonance and special geophonic voice, each soundscape adding another layer to the acoustic structures that engage us as music.


Spectral map of animal sounds

Noted composer and bioacoustician Bernie Krause addresses the question of how animals (and water animals) taught us to dance and sing, drawing from his book, The Great Animal Orchestra: Finding the Origins of Music in the World’s Wild Places, due for publication by Little Brown (Hachette) in 2011. Find out how the organizational acoustic forms that have inspired human music can be found in the biophonies of rainforests, arctic regions, oceans, lakes, and riparian habitats worldwide.

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Fishing for Sound listens to just such a complex soundscape, creating a sea of spatial connections between phenomena underwater, in the mind, and from outer-space. Yoland Harris' audio performance weaves sounds from scientific analyses of marine environments, sounds used in psychological treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder, and sonified data from satellites orbiting the Earth. Common to each of these is a mass of background noise - of environment, memory and information. Listening in these spaces is like fishing for sounds.

Harris' Pink Noise and Video Organ

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