L>R: Kate Cahill, Jennifer Monson, Chris Cogburn, participants

Ear to the Earth 2010

This event was organized by
iLand, an EMF partner and
special participant in
Ear to the Earth 2010


SIP/Watershed Event

Friday, October 1, 8:30 and 9:30 am
59th Street & Hudson River

iLAND (interdisciplinary Laboratory for Art Nature and Dance) presents SIP/watershed, an investigation into the NYC Regional watershed viewed as a meta-choreography of the historical, geological, and cultural layers of the interaction of built and natural phenomena of water in the region.

The following words and the words among the images below were extracted from various emails and fliers written by Jennifer Monson, iLand Director:

"I am writing to invite you to a public event for my latest work, SIP(Sustained Immersive Process)/watershed, coming up October 1-3 and 7-10. This is the first phase of a year- long project and we are experimenting with inviting the audience into elements of our process ... "

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The performances are scheduled for the beginning and end of the day and are located at sites along the waterfront that foreground the interactions between the built and natural functions of our regional watershed. The audience at each event is limited to 8 people.

We hope to generate a lively conversation about the ability of dance to communicate an experience of the intricate relationships within the watershed system. This information will inform the on-going development of our process and public events.

Each event builds a system of listening, observing and moving that creates a porous and fluid experience reflecting the dynamics of the watershed. The intimacy of the performance is designed to sustain an immersive experience for both the public and the artists within the sound and movement environments created within each performance location. 

The final presentation of SIP/watershed is scheduled for July 2011. This will include panels, workshops and performances inspired by the watershed.