Metropolis New York Forum

Public Forum

Metropolis New York

Culturally Driven Urban Development

Organized by
New Wilderness Foundation
in collaboration with
Electronic Music Foundation

Saturday, October 18, 3pm
Judson Church
55 Washington Square South
Admission free

"The city makes the man" - Maimonides

Metropolis New York takes its name from an urban development project in Copenhagen, led by Trevor Davies, that brings artists and city planners together. The goal of this forum was to initiate a series of forums involving leaders in urban planning and the arts and to use those forums to develop and articulate collaborative ideas and projects that will better the human experience of living in a city.

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Charlie Morrow
Charles Morrow is a media artist whose music work ranges from events for public spaces to commercial soundtracks, new media productions. museum installations, and programming for broadcast and festivals. Assembling expert project groups, Morrow employs a collaborative style that fuses arts, artists, and environment. He is president and creative director of Charles Morrow Productions LLC, and chairman of New Wilderness Foundation.


Here are the key questions:

What are the roles of artists in the cities of the world?

What is the nature of an art space for the 21st century?

Can artists affect social change?

Can the arts become a vehicle for education?

Can we use art to reshape the city? How will the role of the public space and public domain change? Can the arts become a part of everyday life? Can the arts inspire social projects?


Do you have questions? Answers? Bring them and join the discussion.

Charlie Morrow: A few words

Charlie Morrow, media artist, producer, Chairman of New Wilderness Foundation, working on new technologies for sound, is the moderator and organizer of this forum.

Other participants include:

Re Trevor Davies

Trevor Davies, Founder of Metropolis Biennale and Laboratory in Copenhagen, Denmark, among Europe's most innovative cultural leaders. Question: Assuming that we can create productive partnerships between artists, city planners, architects, and government leaders, what would be the specific goals of these partnerships?

Re Peter Schultz Joergensen

Peter Schultz Joergensen, Architect, Senior City Planner, working on urban development and cultural planning in the Cultural Department of the Municipality of Roskilde, Denmark. Question: How are the roles of museums and concert halls changing in cities?

Bonnie A. Harken, President of Nautilus International Development Consulting, Inc., an urban development consultant, working on projects ranging from Take Me to the River in West Harlem in New York to GM's Global Headquarters in Detroit. Question: Can street art create social bonds?

Neill Woodger, Senior Acoustician, Arup, an international architectural acoustic firm, working on city planning for Dongtan, a new green city in China. Question: How should acoustics become an important aspect of urban design?

Juulia Kauste, Executive Director, Finnish Cultural Institute, and Director, Finnish Foundation for the Visual Arts, exploring design as cultural interface, understanding the role of design both as an expression of culture and also as a means of a shaping culture through its influence on everyday practices. Question: How can design shape culture?

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