Deep Tones for Peace

"The deep tone that is found at the root of trees, trees that point upwards towards the sky"

Deep Tones for Peace

Sunday, April 26
Noon to 6pm

Cue Arts Foundation
511 West 25th Street
New York, New York 10001

Performers, Composers and Improvisers
Thierry Barbe (France)
Han Han Cho (Taiwan)
Mark Dresser (USA)
Lisle Ellis (USA)
Dean Ferrell (USA/Iceland)
Ken Filiano (USA)
Irina-Kalina Goudeva (Bulgaria/Denmark)
Henry Grimes (USA)
J.C. Jones (Israel)
Michael Klinghoffer (Israel)
Rob Nairn (Australia)
Chi Chi Nwanoku (UK)
William Parker (USA)
Barre Phillips (USA/France)
David Phillips (USA)
Bertram Turetzky (USA)
Sarah Weaver (USA)


Theirry Barbe
Co-principal bass with the Paris Opera Orchestra, Theirry Barbe teaches at the National Paris Superior Conservatory of Music.

Han Han Cho
A Taiwanese bass virtuoso, Cho is attaining widespread recognition as and critical acclaim as a soloist on the double bass.

Photo: Mark Dresser

Mark Dresser
Mark Dresser is an internationally acclaimed bass player, improviser, composer, interdisciplinary collaborator, and Professor of Music, UC San Diego. He has recorded over one hundred recordings including nearly thirty CDs as a soloist, band-leader and co-leader.
Lisle Ellis
Lisle Ellis is an acoustic & electronic performer, visual artist, lecturer in creative process and jazz history. He has performed and recorded with many of the world's foremost musicians in the field of jazz, improvised, creative and new experimental musics.

Photo: Lisle Ellis

Ken Filiano
Ken Filiano spans a wide spectrum of musical expression embracing classical, jazz, spontaneous improvisation and inter-disciplinary performances with dand and the spoken word.
Irina-Kalina Goudeva
Irina-Kalina Goudeva is a bassist and singer who crosses over between music from the renaissance and baroque to modern tango, jazz and electro acoustic music.

Photo: Irina-Kalina Goudeva

Henry Grimes
A celebrated jazz bassist, Grimes was one of the most in-demand musicians of the 50s and 60s. He re-emerged in 2002, and was awarded Musician of the Year, All About Jazz, in 2003.

J.C. Jones
J.C. Jones is an esteemed music educator and performer. He has performed and recorded with many international and Israel musicians, dancers, poets and vocal artists.
Michael Klinghoffer
Michael Klinghoffer teaches double bass and is the Associate Music Director of the Academy Chamber Orchestra at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance.

Photo: Henry Grimes

Rob Nairn
Rob Nairn performs contemporary, jazz, orchestral and "authentic performance" ensembles. He teaches at Penn State University and is president-elect of the International Society of Bassists.

Chi Chi Nwanoku
Chi Chi Nwanoku is Professor of Double Bass Historical Studies at the Royal Academy of Music and Professor of Double Bass at Trinity Music College of Music in London.
William Parker
An internationally acclaimed master musician, improviser and composer, Parker plays the bass, shakuhachi, double reeds, tuba, donso ngoni and gembri.

Photo: William Parker

Barre Phillips
Barre Phillips in an internationally acclaimed jazz and free improvisational bassist, active since the 60s. He is Acknowledged as having recorded the very first solo bass album.

David Phillips
David Phillips is an orchestral, improvisational and jazz bassist, and son of Barre Phillips.
Bertram Turetzky
Bertram Turetzky is a pioneering comtemporary music bassist who has commissioned, performed and recorded more than 300 compositions.

Photo: Sarah Weaver

Sarah Weaver
A composer, conductor and improviser specializing in experimental music forms for large ensemble, Sarah Weaver is Executive Director of the International Society for Improvised Music.


Deep Tones for Peace Now! is a daily streaming of live meditations for peace in the Middle East through the internet using Bass players are invited to play for 5 to 30 minutes with the intent of sending musical vibrations for peace to be viewed throughout the world. This is open to all bassists who wish to participate in an ongoing musical transmission for peace. Any style or form of music and any level bass player is welcome to participate. The only requirements are using the internet and wanting to create peace in the world.

If you're a bass player and you'd like to join us, click on the link below.

Deep Tones for Peace Now! will culminate in the larger project, Deep Tones for Peace.


Deep Tones for Peace, to take place on April 26, is an event in which twenty internationally recognized bassists will perform for live audiences in New York City and Jerusalem in an appeal for peace in the Middle East. The concert will be streamed worldwide on the internet in three parts, the first at 8pm Jerusalem/1pm New York, the second at 11pm Jerusalem/4pm New York, and the third at 8pm New York/3am Jerusalem.

For more information about Deep Tones for Peace and Deep Tones for Peace Now!, or to donate to the project, please visit the following web site:

Deep Tones for Peace