Andrea Polli

Citizens Seeking Sound Solutions

Citizen Sound

An Open Forum on Urban Noise

Andrea Polli
Jonny Farrow
Amanda Huron

Wednesday, October 15, 7pm
Judson Church
55 Washington Square South
Free admission

Citizen Sound provided an opportunity for residents of New York City and beyond to learn about the effects of exposure to excessive urban noise. Led by Andrea Polli, participants formed break-out sessions in which they discussed problems of noise pollution and created solutions with urban sound design.

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Andrea Polli
Andrea Polli is a media artist whose work often brings together artists and scientists from various disciplines to address issues related to global systems, the real time interconnectivity of these systems, and the effect of these systems on individuals. Her recent work includes a sonification of weather in the Arctic and research Antarctica. She has exhibited, and lectured nationally and internationally and is currently Associate Professor of Film and Media at Hunter College, New York City.

Jonny Farrow
Jonny Farrow is a sound artist, composer and performer of new sound works, is co-chair of the New York Society for Acoustic Ecology, and has an M.A. in musicology. His compositions and performances make use of instruments, field recordings, the sounds of small objects and other prepared sounds. He often creates a theatrical element for the presentation of his works highlighting the relationship of the artist's body to sound-making practice.

Amanda Huron
Amanda Huron is a geographer who principally studies questions of urban land, housing, city planning and contested urban space. She has worked on the Mannahatta Project, which seeks to depict the ecological communities and plant and animal species of Manhattan in 1609 and leads workshops on mapping and social justice. She is currently a PhD student at the City University of New York Graduate Center. She also teaches classes in the Urban Studies Department at Hunter College.


This forum was organized by NYSAE to discuss the following questions:

How is noise affecting our health?

Who controls what we hear?

Sound in our city is central to our quality of life. Constant exposure to noise can have dramatic effects on our health, both physical and psychological, and on our ability to learn and communicate.

Effective urban sound design can have a dramatic positive impact, yet is rarely considered in urban planning and development. NYSAE believes that the issue of the urban sound environment is vital to our future.


NYSAE (New York Society for Acoustic Ecology) is an organization that advocates listening and promotes public dialog about the urban sound environment.

NYSoundmap is an ongoing project that focuses on the New York City sound environment. It contains multiple recordings and links to NYSAE's webradio program Giant Ear))) and to Sound-Seeker, a googlemap interface that allows visitors access to sounds recorded in the five boroughs.

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