Winter Garden at the World Financial Center

Produced by
Electronic Music Foundation


The inaugural Ear to the Earth festival included, in addition to the concerts and panel discussions, a collection of audio and video installations at multiple sites throughout lower Manhattan, including 3-Legged Dog Art and Technology Center, The Winter Garden, and Elevated Acre.

Ear to the Earth Installations

Bernie Krause
Calls of the Wild

Co-presented with Arts > World Financial Center, every weekday during the festival sounds from Bernie Krause's Wild Sanctuary collection of field recordings transformed the Winter Garden at the World Financial Center into a different natural enviroment. Whales, wolves, eagles, cormorants, cuckoos, shrikes, flycatchers.

Bruce Odland & Sam Auinger
Elevated Harmonies

Sam Auinger and Bruce Odland presented an instrument that transformed the noise of daily life in Manhattan into a living harmonic series. A tuning tube suspended from the railing at Elevated Acre, a second-story outdoor park at 55 Water Street, collected the sound of traffic, helicopters, and boats.

Annea Lockwood
A Sound Map of the Danube

Annea Lockwood writes: "I am making a sound map of the river, a continuously-running aural tracing of it, interleaved with the memories and reflections of people living by and from the river (in their native languages), forming a parallel flow of languages and of relationship with the river.

Laurie Spiegel

Laurie Spiegel writes: "Having first met pigeons while a college experimental psych student I could not help becaming quite taken with our local New York City ferals when they returned a couple of years ago.

David Monacchi
Fragments of Extinction

David Monacchi writes: "I recorded the particular sounds in this installation in the Brazilian Amazon around the Jauperì River, which is a tributary of Rio Negro that flows through an as-yet undisturbed equatorial rainforest region.

Andrea Polli & Joe Gilmore

By Andrea Polli and Joe Gilmore. Andrea Polli writes: "N. is an artistic visualization and sonification (direct translation of data to sound) of near real-time Arctic data. N. is an ongoing, evolving composition. Directly tied to the turbulent weather of the Pole.

Philip Dadson
Polar Projects

By Philip Dadson. In January 2003, Philip Dadson travelled to the Dry Valleys region of Antarctica to record material for the Polar Projects, a series of sound-and-video installations that document that region's sound and imagery and communicate a sense of what it is like to be there.