CeC & CaC

Letter from Shankar Barua
January 12, 2006

Spanning three days over the last weekend of January 2006, The India International Centre (IIC) and The Academy of Electronic Arts in New Delhi, India, will present the Carnival of e-Creativity & Change-agents Conclave 2006, the first iteration of what is intended to become an annual series of events.

As an entirely new public event with perhaps allied or notional predecessors and parallels elsewhere, the central thrust is exploratory and inclusive, and so, CeC-06 is themed 'Touch-e Feel-e'. Meanwhile, CaC-06 is themed 'Quo Vadis', to set an agenda that will address and drive direction and evolution of the combined event into the future.

Over the longer term in general too, global positioning is aimed at least partially towards establishing CeC & CaC as an annual exploratory platform for consolidated global stocktaking of what has passed, together with predictions and statements of future intent, sharing of thoughts, experiences, learning and ideas of cutting-edge e-Creative Practitioners and Change-agents from all over the world — partly in person, but also substantially through representative works — with the central thrust of the event itself always remaining upon evolving continuously to inclusively address all e-Creative Practices & Practitioners, whether already existing or as yet inconceivable, whether professional or not, and whether formally recognized as Art forms and Artists or not so, on a public-benefit basis into the future.

The global and local audience that we set out to address runs through e-Creative Practitioners, associated Peers, Professionals & Students, Art & Academia, Allied & Other Industries, Institutional & Government, and of course the General-Public.

And the global issue, or opportunity, that we set out to address with the event into the future simply pins the burgeoning Creative-Empowerment of Individuals being wrought by the spread of technology.

Accordingly, all program invitees into the first iteration of CeC have been specifically targeted towards building up a studied broad canvas of momentum, immediacy, excellence, breadth and sheer volume of experience, knowledge, material and programming, as an over-arching global exploration of e-Creativity and the times.

India International Centre and adjacent venues

The venues for CeC & CaC 2006 are located in the main-campus and nearby annexe of the India International Centre here in Delhi. This is perhaps the most exciting institutional area of Delhi, substantially because the IIC itself was located here about 1962. Several fascinating participants coming in from different countries will be actually staying in the IIC-Residence, to be right in the thick of CeC & CaC through most of the event. Lodhi Gardens is right next door for walks and picnics and break-out groups as perhaps Delhi's best park, with huge old Mughal Tombs and a giant greenhouse scattered about too. There's the nearby Habitat Centre, which is a cultural lynchpin for Delhi, with all sorts of stuff going on in their many vasious venues all the time. There's the nearby Khan Market, Lodhi Market, Tibetan Centre, Chinmaya Centre, Centre for Muslim Studies, Alliance Française ... and so on. And of course, there's lots else just a short cab ride away in any and every direction.

The IIC Main Auditorium that we shall use for CeC is an excellent semi-intimate and collegial space in the main IIC Campus, with a seating capacity of 240, and separate projection-room. This will be outfitted with 1-4 LCD-Projectors, screens, computers, pro-audio with roving microphones, and other associated & specialty technologies for live CeC programming.

The IIC-Annexe Basement (Gallery, Seminar/Lecture Room, Foyer) & Gardens (with Sunken Courtyard & Lotus-Pond, etc.) that we shall also use simultaneously for CeC is in a newer building just a short walk out of the main IIC campus, in the same area. We expect to make a significant intervention with regard to physically formatting these spaces specifically for CeC.

· · ·

The overall matrix for CeC is to be fivefold:

The Change-agents Conclave (CaC) is to be a relatively intimate invitees-only conference of peers+/-, in the Auditorium on the afternoon of, or through, the first day. A segment of the agenda here will address driving the evolution of both CeC & CaC, and also the events and works of participating Invitees themselves, towards independent relevance, meaningfulness, self-sustenance, and also all possible mutually strengthening symbioses with each other and also with entirely other allied events and entities around the world into the future. It is hoped that much of the discourse and discussion struck up here will *continue informally* through the following two days of CeC.

Performances & Presentations by Participant Invitees will be open to the public (to the degree possible), through separate morning and afternoon sessions in the Auditorium on Days-2 & 3, in rapid interactive sequences with live Presenter/Performers supported by large Projection-Screen/s (for at least live screen-shots from the presenter's computer/s, if nothing else-:o) and pro-audio. Each would typically flow as Intro > Presentation > Q&A with Audience = 30-90mins., spread over 4 sessions across 2 days. Whereas such presentations may include some demos of hardware and/or software, these are expected to be entirely performance/presentation-based, addressed to peers+/- and other enlightened/empowered individuals, with exciting, enlightening and outstanding e-Creative end-products.

Select Performances on as many as 2, or all 3, evenings in a non-interactive Show format (i.e. possibly longer/fuller presentations with no Q&A).

Meanwhile, CeC will also be mounted through Days-1 to 3 in the IIC-Annexe, mainly showcasing a *LOT* of different sorts of e-Creative screen materials. There will also be other artifacts and entities physically presented simultaneously, as appropriate, in this segment The thrust is substantially about maximizing volume and breadth of materials represented' if not necessarily presented'.

Finally, there will probably also be at least 1-2 workshops run by outstanding professionals to informally introduce visitors to e-Creative Practices such as computer-based music, animation, video.

· · ·

We expect to deploy a relatively modest but amply adequate print program on CeC & CaC, which would probably include appropriate [i] pre-event materials (incl. mention in the monthly IIC Program-Calendar), [ii] independent program invitations and a souvenir-brochure with schedules, credits, introductions and overviews, etc., during the event, and [iii] an independent and comprehensive post-event report, a shorter report in the next IIC-Diary, and also features, reports and overviews in the next CD-Gazette of The IDEA (#8), which is now set to be published after CeC & CaC 2006.