George Lewis and
Marina ROsenfeld:
Sour Mash

George Lewis
October 21, 2009

On October 26, as part of the New York Electronic Arts Festival, the NYU Interactive Arts Series, Harvestworks, and Electronic Music Foundation co-present Atau Tanaka and Adam Parkinson in a new laptop improvisation using iPhones and the capture of physiological neuron impulses resulting from muscle tension, and the New York premiere of Sour Mash, a collaborative composition by George Lewis and Marina Rosenfeld, with Raz Mesinai and DJ Olive. Did we say "physiological neuron impulses resulting from muscle tension"? iPhones? Novelty, new frontier, or both? Not to be missed. But the idea of a collaborative composition struck an immediate friendly note in our minds, so we asked George Lewis to discuss Sour Mash and how it came about. He speaks ...

George Lewis: A few introductory words

Sour Mash was composed during a collaborative residency at Harvestworks beginning in 2008 and extending into 2009. The recording engineer was Paul Geluso. As the project advanced, it took form on vinyl disks, ultimately to be released also on a CD. Lewis talks about it:

George Lewis: Vinyl and the DJ world ...

Marina Rosenfeld at Ear to the Earth 2008

The project developed as two independent compositions—one by George Lewis, the other by Marina Rosenfeld—that could be combined and/or used and manipulated as creative material by DJs. Lewis talks about the parallel process:

George Lewis: Two compositions ...

What was the process of composing the piece?

George Lewis: Inspired improvisation ...

And working together?

George Lewis: Personal growth ...

Sampling from the Sour Mash CD, tracks 5 and 6:

Sour Mash excerpt from track 5

Sour Mash excerpt from track 6

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