LETTER from India:
Carnival of e-Creativity 2009

Shankar Barua
January 9, 2009

After three funky iterations, the annual Carnival of e-Creativity, a multi-venue festival held within the India International Center in Delhi, is ready to transport its magic. The festival dates are February 27, 28, and March 1, 2009, and will take place in what is hoped to be its new long-term home, in the foothills of the Himalayas. The other half of the earlier name of festival, the 'Change-agents Conclave', has however been dropped so as to henceforth remain a permanent property of all of the wonderful e-Creative Practitioners, and others, who supported us through the crucial first three years.

Carnival of e-Creativity 2008

CeC has quickly won international recognition for its ability to gather an extraordinary group of empowered, empowering and endlessly experimental e-Creative practitioners. During the festival, e-Artists from around the world and India gather in vibrant matrices amongst themselves, and engage in dialog with an informed local audience.

Each year has manifested increasingly exciting activities, opportunities products and potentials for the dawning e-Creative Era, and the first generations of a truly global community in the evolution of humankind. The participants and content for CeC 2009 will once again beautifully contribute to these evolving times, with exciting new additions, not least of which is the shift in location. From the heart of a bubbling metropolis, to a sylvan valley in the Lower Kumaon of the new Himalayan Indian state of Uttarakhand, the new festival location is vibrantly different from what one generally sees of India’s cities and plains.

The new location

The itinerary itself is not expected to change, with three exuberantly full days and nights of formal meetings, presentations, exhibits, screenings, and performances (including dance for the first time), as well as informal networking and buzz throughout. New, experimental, collaborative works and performances by participants are being prepared, and appropriate local participation and content is also being researched for possible inclusion. CeC 2009 is open to all, without charge, with visitors from across India expected, and a warm invitation extended to our local community.

Content, largely derived from the very few invitations that are issued to well-researched artists, is close to being determined. Wilfred Agricola de Cologne, Ima Pico and Toni Calderon, wonderful colleagues and co-curators, are now organizing incredible collections of short-creative-video works (SCVs) for our screening-segments, gathered from around the world. As before, we are not emitting the slightest whisper as to what the program will be, with the webpage simply promising that it will be updated shortly before, and shortly after, the festival.

Our webpage does, however, link to content, reports, pictures and press from the earlier CeC festivals, including a video-documentary of the 2007. The video documents the lovely e-Creative chaos that is CeC every year, though doesn't come near to covering everything that happened. The artist Tim Calonius, of Finland, alongside his scheduled contributions as a festival volunteer, shot the footage, which has been broadcast nationally several times by LS-TV. It can be seen:


We urge you to check it out, and pop by CeC 2009, if you can. Don’t forget to bring along your woolies this time! We’ll bring the bonfire.

Note: An earlier letter from Shankar Barua describing the festival in 2006 can be found here.